The Australian Paint Manufacturers’ Federation (APMF) represents paint and ink manufacturing companies operating across Australia, with its membership accounting for some 95 percent of all paint manufactured in Australia today. The paint and coatings industry in Australia produces $3 billion in revenue, and continues to be one of the most important components of the nation’s broader chemical segment. The industry also makes a significant contribution to Australia’s economy through its purchase of locally produced materials. More than 60 percent of raw materials used by the industry are sourced locally, aiding Australia’s growing economy. These raw materials include primary inputs, such as titanium dioxide, acrylic emulsions, alkyd resins and driers, cardboard packaging, metal and plastic cans, labels, pamphlets and brochures.

The AmCham Trade and Investment Guide is the official publication of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia. Better known as AmCham, The Guide exists to promote trade and investment between Australia and the United States.

Each edition aims to offer insights from experts on major areas of bilateral trade, business case studies and ways to promote trade and investment between the two countries. It also includes a CEO’s report, forewords from key government ministers, updates on key trade policy developments and will address key trade markets.

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Why advertise in AmCham?

AmCham is Australia’s largest and most prestigious international business organisation. With 112 American Chambers of Commerce in 99 countries – including 29 countries in the Asia-Pacific region alone – AmCham is one of the best B2B networks in Australia and overseas. The United States has the largest and richest consumer market in the world, and is the most significant investor in Australia – accounting for 27 per cent of Australia’s total foreign investment stock. The Guide is released annually on 4 July – one of the most significant dates on the US calendar.

Some of the regular features include:

  • Business
  • Best practice
  • Professional development
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Tourism
  • Security and defence
  • Food and beverage
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Executive Media is proud to publish the Australia China Business Council’s (ACBC’s) official Annual Review, which is the key vehicle for communication between the association and its extensive members.

ACBC plays a pivotal role in Australia–China engagement. Through the fostering of business-to-business linkages and China-specific market intelligence, ACBC helps shape commercial strategies and government policy. With two-way trade currently valued at $174.7 billion, both economies are more integrated than ever before. This makes the association’s Annual Review an essential resource for those working within this arena, as each edition is filled with news, insights and information on the challenges affecting Australia–China trade.

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Why advertise in the Annual Review?

This high-quality, glossy publication is released annually, both digitally and in print. Print copies are sent directly to ACBC members, as well as a select list of key industry stakeholders. Digital copies are also available to members and subscribers. Print copies are also distributed at ACBC’s industry events, providing exposure to all event delegates, including government decision-makers, senior business people and senior practitioners.

This first-rate publication provides advertisers with the ultimate opportunity to showcase themselves to ACBC members, and speak to a connected, business-oriented audience.

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Australia is now one of the great life sciences hubs, and is ranked number four in biotechnology in the world. At last count, our 156 ASX-listed companies were valued at more than $161 billion. Despite the challenges of the global economy, Australia’s biotechnology and life sciences sector is doing very well, with an impressive return on investment from a maturing stock of companies.

Recognising that this niche industry was lacking an official publication, Executive Media has partnered with AusBiotech – Australia’s national biotechnology organisation and peak industry body – to produce its official publication, Australasian Biotechnology. This biannual journal features reports on research and business news within the biotechnology arena, innovation and clinical trials, medtech, regenerative medicines, and more.

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Why advertise in Australasian Biotechnology?

With its informed and authoritative editorial, Australasian Biotechnology is a highly effective marketing and advertising vehicle for universities, research institutes and centres, and life sciences companies wanting to reach out to decision-makers in government and throughout all branches of the life sciences sector.

Australasian Biotechnology is mailed on a name-and-title basis to more than 2500 AusBiotech members. The journal also goes to high-net-worth companies and individuals with a particular focus on investment in life sciences. Readership includes government and university departments, research institutes, biotechnology and professional services providers nationally, and in key international life sciences hubs.

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Exports are vital to Australia’s economic and employment growth – with total Australian exports valued at $40.75 billion in 2019 – and Ai Group is consistently at the forefront of assisting Australian companies to enter international markets.

For more than 20 years, Executive Media has published the Australian Industry Group’s (Ai Group’s) Exporters Guide. Our second collaboration with this association, Australian Industry Group Exporters Guide is a widely acclaimed publication that provides potential exporters with the key elements for successful development of export opportunities, and is an indispensable resource for any business seeking to develop or expand into international markets.

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Why advertise in Australian Industry Group Exporters Guide?

This guide is an essential marketing and communication vehicle for any service provided to the Australian export market, and is the official publication of Ai Group, who uses this publication as a means to directly communicate with their members.

Ai Group is Australia’s largest national industry body, representing some 60,000 large and small manufacturing, construction, engineering, defence, IT and service companies in every state and territory. Each edition is distributed by controlled circulation, on a complimentary basis, directly to a high-quality and relevant list of individual decision-makers and business leaders across the association’s extensive 60,000-plus membership base.

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Recognising the major role local government plays in the everyday lives of all Australians, Executive Media has for the last 30 years published The Australian Local Government Yearbook, the only publication dedicated to bringing the latest news and trends to the nation’s councils, and celebrating the achievements of the sector.

Presented in a sleek, high-quality format, each edition of this yearbook addresses the myriad functions of local government professionals, and supports local government’s diverse roles and responsibilities, making The Australian Local Government Yearbook the informed choice for those working within the sector.

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Why advertise in The Australian Local Government Yearbook?

According to 2018 statistics, there are upwards of 187,000 people employed in local government, and 537 councils Australia-wide. As it stands, The Australian Local Government Yearbook is distributed to local government professionals and to attendees of the National General Assembly – held yearly.

Some of the features in each edition include:

  • Community health and ageing
  • Conferences and events
  • Cybersecurity
  • Environment, energy and sustainability
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Facilities management
  • Fleet management
  • Green building
  • Health and safety
  • Information technology Information and records management
  • Infrastructure and engineering
  • Lighting
  • Parks, gardens and equipment
  • Roads and traffic management
  • Security
  • Streetscapes
  • Urban planning
  • Waste management
  • Water
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Following the success of The Australian Local Government Yearbook, The Australian Local Government Health + Community Services Yearbook aims to recognise the dedication local governments have for the overall health and wellbeing of its communities. The publication focuses on how local governments are exploring ways to improve the health of the public through key areas like city planning, and strategies that strive to improve accessibility for people with disability.

As an area that Executive Media works closely with, the ongoing hard work and dedication displayed by local government professionals is celebrated throughout each edition.

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Why advertise in The Australian Local Government Health + Community Services Yearbook?

Local governments continue to play an ever-increasing role in decision-making on a national level and shoulders the responsibility of creating innovative, best practice outcomes in health and services for its communities. The Yearbook is distributed to local government professionals, CEOs, and key decision-makers and stakeholders.

Some of the features in each edition include:

  • Best practice
  • Accessibility + inclusiveness
  • Children + child services
  • Health + health services
  • Sports + recreation
  • Community
  • Aged care
  • Housing
  • Security
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The federal government believes that Australia needs at least $600 billion in investment infrastructure over the next 15 years, and that could just be the start. At the coalface of this is local government and councils across Australia, a sector tasked with updating existing infrastructure, futureproofing cities, introducing new infrastructure to stay current and functional, and so much more.

Once again recognising the importance of local councils and the work that they do, Executive Media has for more than 10 years published this spin-off title, which focuses on the booming infrastructure industry.

Each edition of this yearbook is packed with industry insights and news, and features in-depth articles and case studies of what is happening in industry and fellow councils.

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Why advertise in The Australian Local Government Infrastructure Yearbook?

The Australian Local Government Infrastructure Yearbook is distributed to key decision-makers and stakeholders, CEOs, and other executives working within the local government sector.

Some of the features in each edition include:

  • Education and training
  • Environment, energy and sustainability
  • Information technology
  • Innovation
  • Lighting
  • Parks, gardens and equipment
  • Regional development
  • Roads, bridges and tunnels
  • Security
  • Streetscapes
  • Technology
  • Urban planning and development
  • Water infrastructure
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In 2018, the number of births in Australia reached an all-time high, with 314,900 babies born. This makes Australia one of the fastest-growing populations in the developed world. This data bodes well for the childcare industry.

It is imperative for those working within the sector to connect to a national resource to stay abreast of all developments in early learning. This is where Belonging Early Years Journal thrives. Belonging is dedicated to bringing the latest industry news and trends to the Australia Childcare Alliance’s (ACA’s) 4000 members, providing relevant decision-makers with a valuable tool to stay informed of industry changes.

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Why advertise in Belonging Early Years Journal?

The Australian Government’s continued financial support has transformed the early learning sector, with more than 1.2 million children attending approximately 18,500 government-approved childcare services around the country.

Advertisers in Belonging will benefit from showcasing their business to a targeted audience of centre directors, who are operating in a highly competitive burgeoning industry.

Regular features in the journal include:

  • Educational resources, programs and planning
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Nutrition and menu planning
  • Finance, business and property
  • Play areas and sustainable practice
  • Training and recruitment
  • Additional needs
  • Technology and software
  • Building a centre
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Clubs & Pubs Manager is Executive Media’s quarterly publication that is dedicated to providing readers up-to-the-minute news and insight into the gaming and hospitality sectors in Australia.

Regularly distributed at the industry’s leading events, including the AHG Expo and the AGE, this high-quality publication fulfils an industry need by communicating vital information to a receptive readership at the forefront of developments the gaming and hospitality industries.

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Why advertise in Clubs & Pubs Manager?

Since its official launch in December 2011, Clubs and Pubs Manager has steadily gained a growing audience of CEOs, directors, board members, venue managers, catering managers, and chefs of hotels and clubs across Australia, working in this $13-billion-a-year sector.

Some of the features in each edition include:

  • News
  • Gaming
  • Point of sale
  • Entertainment
  • Interiors and architecture
  • Food and equipment
  • Beverages
  • Energy and lighting
  • Security
  • Event management
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Executive Media is excited to launch Collaborate, a leading publication dedicated to fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence in the Australian research landscape. With a sharp focus on university research, government funding, and partnerships that drive progress, our magazine offers valuable insights and data, and stories that inspire and inform.

Australia has always been a pioneer in research, innovation, and collaboration. Seven of our universities are ranked in the world’s top 100, and our scientific institutions rank in the world’s top one per cent in 15 fields of research, including space science, physics, and clinical medicine. On top of these impressive statistics, 48 per cent of employed Australians are tertiary educated.

University and industry collaboration is crucial for Australia’s growth, and in bridging the skills gap. So, at Collaborate, our philosophy is simple: we want to connect industry, government, and universities to spark innovation and grow the economy.

Therefore, in each edition of Collaborate, we provide insights and in-depth features on companies, people, strategies, ideas, and trends. We promote and celebrate Australia’s innovation; we learn from, and profile, Australia’s successful researchers and government leaders; and we dive into the world of academia, research, and business.

Cyber Australia

Executive Media is delighted to be the official publisher for the Australian Information Security Association’s conference publication, Cyber Australia.

The publication is of premium quality and design, with a shelf life of 12 months. Content of each edition includes forewords by both the association and key members of parliament, together with a detailed profile of AISA and its members, along with a selection of topical feature articles and industry focuses by leading cybersecurity writer David Braue.

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Why advertise in Cyber Australia?

Cybersecurity is a booming industry. According to IBISWorld, the IT security consulting market is worth $5 billion – and this is expected to rapidly grow in the coming years – while Gartner predicts that security spending in Australia will reach $3.9 billion.

Advertising in AISA’s publication allows companies to directly promote their products and services to thousands of cybersecurity professionals. Each edition offers members and non-members a unique opportunity to reach a rapidly growing market with an advertisement that will be seen against a backdrop of authoritative editorial.

Cyber Australia is distributed at AISA events in all states, with additional widespread distribution across all levels of government, business and industry. The conference itself is attended by thousands of cybersecurity professionals and key decision-makers. To put it into perspective, 6000 people are expected to attend the 2020 conference in October.

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Executive Media is delighted to have been appointed the official publisher of the Australian Information Security Association’s (AISA’s) biannual journal, Cyber Today.

Exploring the issues that the industry is currently facing, each edition of Cyber Today aims to be the essential guide for AISA members – one that provides high-quality and relevant information for those working within the sector, and a journal that is collected and continually referred to by readers.

This is Executive Media’s second collaboration with this recognised and highly regarded authority on information security, the first being Cyber Australia.

Contact Executive Media to be a part of this exciting industry journal.

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Facility Perspectives is the flagship publication for Australia’s peak facilities management industry body, FMA Australia, which represents professionals in all aspects of the facilities industry.

This high-quality quarterly publication is the only facilities management publication with an official distribution, landing on the desks of all FMA Australia members, who represent a vast range of industries including the most significant and influential decision-makers in the market.

Each quarterly, full-colour edition is packed with industry insights and in-depth features on companies, people, strategies, ideas and trends.

Why advertise in Facility Perspectives?

Facilities management (FM) is one of Australia’s fastest growing and diversifying industries. With an annual turnover of more than $32 billion to GDP and 200,000 full-time employees (or equivalents), FM is now one of Australia’s major business sectors.

In partnership with Executive Media, FMA Australia offers you the exclusive corporate opportunity to reach its members via this wide-reaching national publication.

Some of the regular features include:ƒ

  • Technology
  • Green building
  • Energy efficiency
  • Education and training
  • Aged care
  • Residential FM
  • Health care
  • Safety and risk management
  • Essential services/maintenance
  • Security
  • HVAC
  • Diversity in FM
  • The digitisation of FM
  • The future of the workplace
  • Compliance
  • Government facilities
  • Retail facilities
Be a part of this industry-leading publication

Unlike other publications that focus on day-to-day news, Future Banking examines key trends affecting Australia’s financial services sector over the next five years. And we showcase how organisations in the sector are responding.

Future Banking considers issues in retail and investment banking, mortgage broking, wealth management, superannuation, insurance, risk management, technology, education and corporate social responsibility, from the perspective of established Australian and international financial services firms, emerging ventures such as financial-technology (fintech) firms, credit unions, mutuals, industry super funds and other not-for-profit enterprises, and government entities.

Future Banking is distributed to key business decision makers in industry through a high-quality, controlled database, on a complimentary basis. The distribution includes segments of the ABA and FINSIA membership bases, and Executive Media’s extensive database of C-level readers through its various industry publications. It is also available at newsagents around Australia and distributed in major airport lounges and hotels in this country and in Asia.

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Why advertise in Future Banking?

The inaugural edition of Future Banking, published in 2017, was one of Executive Media’s most successful new publications. The magazine attracted significant advertising from a who’s who of financial services and received strong feedback on its editorial quality.

With so much happening in banking since that publication, the time is right for a publication that considers the future of financial services rather than the past. One that looks at how the industry is positively changing and what that means for financial services stakeholders.

Some of the sections in Future Banking include:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Sustainability
  • Data
  • Cybersecurity
  • AI, machine learning and automation
  • Fintech
  • Human resources
  • Home loans
  • Payments
  • Project finance and infrastructure
  • Mutual banks and credit unions
  • Industry super funds
  • University/industry training for financial services professionals
  • Universities/industry research centres/bodies in financial services
  • The legal industry and financial services
  • Facilities management and financial services
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For more than 10 years, Executive Media has proudly published Future Building: The Australian Infrastructure Review – the Australian infrastructure industry’s reference journal of choice – on behalf of Infrastructure Partnerships Australia. This partnership has allowed Executive Media to foster communication between Australia’s peak infrastructure body and its members, helping to keep those working in the infrastructure sector informed of the latest news and developments in this fast-paced and booming sector.

Each edition of Future Building comprises presentations from IPA’s yearly conference; key articles and comments from senior business journalists and leaders in the infrastructure industry; features from a range of industry experts; and information from Infrastructure Partnerships Australia itself.

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Why advertise in Future Building?

Future Building is distributed to key decision-makers and stakeholders within the industry, including:

  • all members of Infrastructure Partnerships Australia at CEO level
  • all relevant federal and state Ministers and Shadow Ministers
  • 3000 industry subscribers by direct mail
  • attendees at events held by Infrastructure Partnerships Australia, including the Leaders’ Luncheons and Network Infrastructure series.
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The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) is Australia’s only national freight logistics industry association advocating to all levels of government and industry on freight supply chain regulation and infrastructure issues.

As the official yearbook publication of ALC, Future Freight Networks is the must-have reference for transport and logistics operators, and the broader industry. Executive Media works with the association to produce an annual publication that showcases the major issues in Australia’s logistics industry, all the while looking towards the future of Australia’s freight networks.

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Why advertise in Future Freight Networks?

ALC is the peak national body representing the major companies that are participating in Australia’s freight logistics industry. ALC has a whole-of-supply-chain focus, with membership spanning the major logistics areas: customers, providers, infrastructure owners and suppliers.

Future Freight Networks showcases how ALC is working on behalf of the logistics industry to push for greater efficiency and safety across Australia’s national supply chains. The yearbook presents an unparalleled opportunity for advertisers to connect with key stakeholders within this thriving industry.

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To foster communication and showcase Australian innovation, Executive Media launched Future Water in 2015. A comprehensive publication for water industry professionals, Future Water presents insight into a range of water management issues in a high-quality, biannual format, and featuring in-depth articles written by experts in their fields, including scientists, engineers, industry leaders and government representatives.

As many of the professionals who work in the water industry also work in various other sectors and disciplines, Future Water takes a holistic approach to editorial, presenting the latest news, trends, major projects and solutions in all the key areas.

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Why advertise in Future Water?

Future Water’s distribution at key water industry events ensures the yearbook reaches its target readership of senior managers, engineers, councillors, CEOs, plant operators, land developers, and project managers.

Furthermore, each edition of Future Water is direct mailed out to all WIOA members, as well as to CEOs and Managing Directors of Australia’s local governments. The publication is also distributed at key industry events, including the annual OzWater conference.

Some of the features in each edition include:

  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Pipelines
  • Urban water use
  • Stormwater
  • Major projects
  • Pumping
  • Irrigation
  • Water in mining
  • Intelligent water solutions.
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Since its establishment, the Infrastructure Association of Queensland (IAQ) has developed a reputation as the pivotal private sector infrastructure body. As such a peak industry body and leader, Executive Media has been delighted to work closely with the association to produce its official publication, the IAQ Yearbook, which connects the organisation, its members, and the industry as a whole together.

The IAQ Yearbook showcases some of the most innovative infrastructure projects planned and underway in Queensland, and includes articles of interest relating to construction and engineering, legal, accounting and consulting issues and practices of Queensland’s leading infrastructure participants.

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Why advertise in IAQ Yearbook?

The IAQ’s membership is sourced from a cross-section of infrastructure-related industries committed to improving the process of infrastructure provision in Queensland. A number of members are firms that have national representation.

Advertising in IAQ Yearbook will allow you to target key decision-makers and stakeholders in the following sectors:

  • engineering
  • surveying
  • stockbroking
  • public relations and communications
  • mining and resources
  • government-owned corporations
  • construction
  • accounting
  • law and compliance
  • environment and sustainability
  • human resource recruitment
  • statutory bodies
  • project management
  • architecture
  • development
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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Australia is the peak body for advanced transport technology in Australia. Established in 1992, ITS Australia is an independent not-for-profit incorporated membership organisation representing ITS suppliers, government authorities, academia and transport businesses. Australia is a global leader in intelligent transport and ITS Australia works on behalf of more than 130 member organisations to promote the development and deployment of technologies that enable all Australians to move more safely, efficiently, and sustainably through the nation’s transport networks.

Shaping Future Transport is the voice of the association, featuring content carefully curated by ITS, with a shelf life of 12 months. It covers all the topics and challenges currently facing the industry, making it an indispensable resource for those working within Australia’s transport industry.

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Why advertise in Shaping Future Transport?

The publication offers stakeholders in the ITS industry a unique opportunity to reach a rapidly growing market, with an advertisement that will be seen against a backdrop of authoritative editorial. ITS Australia distributes copies directly to key decision makers at the highest levels of industry and government. It will be an essential place to profile your company’s achievements and capacities to every major player in Australian transport technology.

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Executive Media has been collaborating with the Mining & Energy Services Council of Australia – a division of the Australian Industry Group – for more than 10 years to publish its Members’ Directory. This publication provides members with a vital resource connecting leading companies and professionals within the mining and energy sector, and it also highlights the capabilities of MESCA members to the companies that rely on the mining an energy supply chain.

Copies of the directory are distributed to industry contacts, delegates and speakers at MESCA briefings, as well as to key stakeholders from the Australian and international minerals and energy sectors.

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Why advertise in MESCA?

Produced in both hard copy to give it a long shelf life and digitally for ease of access, the MESCA Members’ Directory provides a consistent and reliable ready reckoner for industry decision makers, and is a vehicle for communication between members and industry professionals.

The directory is distributed directly to the key personnel that your company wishes to target and provides advertisers the opportunity to promote their products and services to key companies and personnel within the mining and energy sectors.

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Infrastructure Review is an industry-leading quarterly magazine that brings together asset owners, statutory bodies, consulting engineers and contractors to explore the biggest news and issues across the infrastructure sector.

Launched in July 2021, each issue of Infrastructure Review features thought-leading content from senior figures and industry experts. Editorial will cover important issues, developments, projects and innovations shaping the industry today.

Each edition of Infrastructure Review contains information that is critical for infrastructure representatives in their responsibility to community and council. The quarterly publication covers a comprehensive spectrum of content relevant to infrastructure professionals in fulfilling their role of best practice and performance delivery.

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Why advertise in New Zealand Infrastructure Review?

Infrastructure Review is an important vehicle for trade, business and industry advertisers to reach this highly qualified group of infrastructure specialists.

Editorial themes and topics include:

  • Environment, Energy + Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Lighting, Exterior + Interior
  • Management + Leadership
  • Parks, Gardens + Equipment
  • Regional Development
  • Roads, Bridges + Tunnels
  • Sustainability
  • Technology
  • Transport
  • Urban Planning + Development
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The digital transformation of Australia’s government has elevated cybersecurity to the top levels of government, particularly as government bodies work to fight the risks of today’s increasingly complex geopolitical environment.

As the newly elected government builds on the foundation established to date, integrating security into every aspect of digital service delivery will be of critical importance.

That’s why the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) is partnering with Executive Media Pty Ltd to launch secureGOV – a high-quality print and digital publication focused on government adoption of secure practices and technologies.

Government IT budgets represent a major opportunity for service providers and integrators, with Australian government bodies having been projected to spend $15.5 billion on IT services, software and related infrastructure in 2022.

Every project will involve a security element – and secureGOV will be there, with a government-technology focus that will make it a significant addition to AISA’s portfolio of publications, which includes their member journal Cyber Today and supporting CyberCon book, Cyber Australia.

secureGOV is already attracting support from major sponsors, with a contributing roster of industry experts ensuring it is a relevant and valuable resource for anyone engaged with government technology.

secureGOV is an annual publication launching at Sydney CyberCon Connect, June 2023. The A4 print version is of the highest quality, stock 300gsm covers (matt) and 100gsm text (matt), supported by a fully hyperlinked digital version distributed via the newsletter to AISA members

Executive Media is delighted to publish Trading Places, a yearly publication advocating for women in skilled trades.

With support and guidance from Tradeswomen Australia, Supporting and Linking Tradeswomen Australia (SALT), the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), and The Lady Tradies, Trading Places provides essential, myth-busting information that will aid the advancement of women in trades, and inspire people and businesses to embrace gender diversity.

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Why advertise in Trading Places?

The 100-page, A4, high-quality journal is made available to all member networks of Tradeswomen Australia, SALT, NAWIC and The Lady Tradies. It will be distributed in both hard-copy and digital formats, and at key industry events throughout the year, making it a valuable communication vehicle for tradespeople and their industries around Australia.

Some of the features in each edition include:

  • Best practice
  • Leadership
  • Professional development
  • Case studies
  • Towards equality
  • Innovation
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Climate variability and extremes of drought and flood has impacted the Australian urban sector in the past decade. The operational side of the water industry is also coming under closer scrutiny from a cost, efficiency and customer affordability point of view. Once again recognising how important it is to foster communication between industry and those working within the sector, Executive Media has teamed up with peak industry body WIOA to produce Executive Media’s second water industry–focused magazine, WaterWorks.

Produced biannually, this journal is the official publication of WIOA, and is a comprehensive publication for water industry operations practitioners with content sourced and edited by the association. Each issue of WaterWorks provides insight into a range of water issues in a high-quality journal format, and presents the latest news, trends, major projects and solutions in all the key areas affecting the sector.

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Why advertise in WaterWorks?

WIOA’s membership currently exceeds 4,000, and numbers are rapidly growing. WIOA members come from both the public and the private sectors, and include individuals working in the water or allied industries, along with suppliers of goods and services to the water and allied industries. Each edition of the journal is distributed to all WIOA members, and is also distributed at WIOA’s conferences and other key industry events. WIOA is also the leading water sector association, and has close ties to key industry bodies, including (but not limited to):

  • Water utilities and service providers in all Australian states and territories
  • State government departments
  • Water Industry Skills Taskforce (WIST)
  • Water Industry Reference Committee (Water IRC)
  • Registered Training Organisations in all Australian states
  • Trade and consulting companies supplying equipment and services to the industry.
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