Did you know that the Australian caravanning industry is worth more than $19 billion? Or that there are more than 500,000 caravans registered in Australia?

Caravans are a quintessential part of Aussie culture – and for more than 20 years, Caravanning Australia has inspired and informed the caravan community.

Since it was first released in 1996, Caravanning Australia has been the nation’s leading caravan travel magazine. Its readership has grown alongside the market, which has almost quadrupled in that time. Today, Caravanning Australia has huge national reach and an engaged readership that spans print and digital. It is available across a range of distribution channels, including national newsagents, online and by subscription. It is also distributed through caravan clubs, tourist information centres and caravan parks.

Published in A4 format, the glossy, full-colour magazine combines uniquely tailored content with a premium look and feel.


Why read Caravanning Australia?

Whether you’re a caravanner, motorhome owner, fifth wheeler, camper, or travel enthusiast, Caravanning Australia will ignite your passion for exploring Australia. Known and loved for its exceptional content, this popular quarterly magazine is produced by a team of well-travelled writers.

With input from leading industry associations, such as the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, you can count on Caravanning Australia to deliver the latest and most reliable information related to all things caravanning. This includes caravanning sites, touring locations, road trips, events and attractions. Plus, information on products and services to enhance your caravanning adventures.

Each edition is designed as a collectable resource you’ll return to time and again. Plus, with a digital edition to complement the print magazine, you can access Caravanning Australia on the road – anywhere, anytime, no matter your destination.

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Reasons to advertise in Caravanning Australia?

Advertising in Caravanning Australia is affordable, effective and proven way to market your product or service. With a large, receptive national audience, your ad is guaranteed to be seen by people who are most interested in your offer.

Here are some of the many benefits to advertising in Caravanning Australia magazine:

  • Long-running title, since 1996
  • Outstanding reputation for quality
  • Highly engaged readership
  • National reach via newsagents, online and affiliates, including Qantas Clubs
  • Also distributed free of charge to caravan clubs throughout Australia
  • Quarterly, seasonal print edition – full-colour, glossy, A4 format
  • Complementary digital edition
  • Fortnightly online newsletter with advertising space
  • Dedicated website with advertising options
  • Access to Executive Media’s professional design services
  • Wide range of print advertising options with digital add-ons
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Forge is Australia’s only independent entrepreneurship magazine, and one of Executive Media’s most widely read publications. Aimed at C-suite executives and thought leaders who are forging ahead in the business world, Forge covers three editorial pillars – innovation, entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

Each full-colour edition is packed with business insights and in-depth features on companies, people, strategies, ideas and trends.

Forge is strategically distributed to reach key decision-makers, business leaders and innovators across Australia and beyond. Distribution channels include premium hotels, high-traffic airline lounges, major industry events and the Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) Association. Forge is also available at over 1,200 newsagencies Australia wide, online and by subscription.

During the current COVID-19 crisis, we have made Forge available to read free of charge online – simply click on the cover and dive in!


Why read Forge?

Whether you want to get into the game, grow your empire, or explore new ways to create wealth, Forge will inspire lightbulb moments. Spearheaded by senior journalist Tony Featherstone, formerly of BRW and Shares magazines, with expert contributions from senior business writers, Forge gives you access to otherwise unavailable industry commentary.

From its cutting-edge content to featured products, Forge focuses on quality. It is produced by an editorial team with over 50 years of combined experience, who ensure each edition packs an entrepreneurial punch. Every page is designed to add value and power your pursuit of growth, be it business, personal or financial.

The print magazine is supplemented with a digital edition, so you can access Forge easily wherever your entrepreneurial journey takes you.

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Why advertise in Forge?

Forge provides a world-class advertising platform that’s synonymous with quality and class. Huge national distribution via IPS (Fairfax) guarantees that every issue is displayed for a minimum of 3 months. Plus, with distribution via Australia’s leading hotels and airlines, Forge reaches hundreds of thousands of people each edition who are willing to invest to achieve their goals.

Here are some of the many benefits to advertising in Forge magazine:

  • Outstanding reputation for quality
  • Readership of high-income earners with strong spending capacity
  • Huge national reach and strategic distribution
  • Available at high-traffic airport lounges, including Qantas Clubs (potential annual reach of 2 million people)
  • Available in premium hotel rooms, including Crowne Plaza, Pullman and Sofitel (potential reach of 400,000 people per edition)
  • Available online to more than 13,000 members of the SMSF Association
  • Available at over 1,200 national newsagencies
  • Free distribution to readers of sister publication Australian Resources & Investment
  • Guaranteed 3-month shelf life for every edition
  • Complementary digital edition
  • Access to Executive Media’s professional design services
  • Wide range of print advertising options
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Unlike other publications that focus on day-to-day news, Future Banking examines key trends affecting Australia’s financial services sector over the next five years. And we showcase how organisations in the sector are responding.

Future Banking considers issues in retail and investment banking, mortgage broking, wealth management, superannuation, insurance, risk management, technology, education and corporate social responsibility, from the perspective of established Australian and international financial services firms, emerging ventures such as financial-technology (fintech) firms, credit unions, mutuals, industry super funds and other not-for-profit enterprises, and government entities.

Future Banking is distributed to key business decision makers in industry through a high-quality, controlled database, on a complimentary basis. The distribution includes segments of the ABA and FINSIA membership bases, and Executive Media’s extensive database of C-level readers through its various industry publications. It is also available at newsagents around Australia and distributed in major airport lounges and hotels in this country and in Asia.

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Why advertise in Future Banking?

The inaugural edition of Future Banking, published in 2017, was one of Executive Media’s most successful new publications. The magazine attracted significant advertising from a who’s who of financial services and received strong feedback on its editorial quality.

With so much happening in banking since that publication, the time is right for a publication that considers the future of financial services rather than the past. One that looks at how the industry is positively changing and what that means for financial services stakeholders.

Some of the sections in Future Banking include:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Sustainability
  • Data
  • Cybersecurity
  • AI, machine learning and automation
  • Fintech
  • Human resources
  • Home loans
  • Payments
  • Project finance and infrastructure
  • Mutual banks and credit unions
  • Industry super funds
  • University/industry training for financial services professionals
  • Universities/industry research centres/bodies in financial services
  • The legal industry and financial services
  • Facilities management and financial services
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Set to become one of Australia’s leading independent mining magazines, Future Mining will provide in-depth analysis and insight into the industry as it stands, and where it’s going. With each edition distributed at the Sydney and Melbourne Mining Club functions each month, Future Mining is the ultimate resource for the mining and resources industry. Each edition, Future Mining will provide insight and in-depth features on companies, people, strategies, ideas, and trends in relation to the mining and resources sector.

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Australia has a history that’s often inspiring, sometimes bleak, but always fascinating. Traces magazine delves deep into Australia’s past, from ancient Indigenous heritage to European settlement, local history, artefacts and genealogy. Each edition provides insights into the latest historical research, news and projects around Australia.

As the only quarterly print magazine dedicated to Australian history and genealogy, Traces has been devoured by readers since it launched in 2017. Loyal and passionate Traces lovers engage enthusiastically with the publication, both in print and online. This results in an engagement rate that vastly surpasses national averages.

Traces is widely available at newsagencies nationally, and by subscription in print and online . It is also available at local and state libraries, via the National Archives store in Canberra, and through special promotions with partner heritage organisations.

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Traces magazine is the go-to publication for anyone passionate about Australian history. Featuring the expert voices of leading historians, researchers, genealogists and journalists, Traces uncovers the stories and characters of our past. Featured content includes the latest heritage and archaeological developments, interviews with historical organisations, plus stories about key events and individuals in history. Each edition also provides valuable genealogy tips and resources for family history researchers.

Traces is produced in partnership with key national and local heritage organisations, so you can rely on the accuracy of every resource. The print magazine is complemented by an online edition, e-newsletter and strong social media presence, so you can satisfy your thirst for knowledge across many platforms.

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Why advertise in Traces?

Every page of Traces magazine is designed to add value for readers. As such, advertising opportunities are strictly limited. If your advertisement is suitable for Traces, you’re guaranteed optimal engagement and exposure to a loyal audience who eagerly await every issue.

Here are some of the many benefits to advertising in Traces magazine:

  • Outstanding reputation for quality
  • Highly engaged and passionate audience
  • Available at over 2,500 national newsagencies, online and by subscription
  • Available at state and local libraries, plus National Archives store in Canberra
  • Also distributed free of charge through promotions with heritage organisations
  • Quarterly print edition – full-colour, glossy, A4 format
  • Complementary digital edition
  • Over 17,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram (engagement rate of 8.6% compared to average of 0.05%)
  • Monthly e-newsletter with advertising space, distributed to 5,000 subscribers (open and click rates triple industry averages)
  • Dedicated website with advertising options
  • Access to Executive Media’s professional design services
  • Wide range of print advertising options with digital add-ons
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