Australia’s mining industry is booming. With more than 165,000 employees in over 7,000 businesses, it generates $223 billion in annual revenue. Since 2007, Australian Resources & Investment has been the main source of mining news for experts across the mining, investment and finance sectors.

As the nation’s leading mining journal, Australian Resources & Investment brings the latest news, trends and insights into resource developments in Australia – and from Australian companies operating around the world. It includes articles on mine development, transport, machinery, equipment, technology and more.

The quarterly print publication is available at selected newsagencies, online and via subscription. It is widely distributed to an audience of mining executives, employees and stakeholders, and is also available at Qantas Clubs and Virgin Lounges nationally.

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Why read Australian Resources & Investment?

Australian Resources & Investment is the best way to keep up to date with developments in the mining industry. Each edition features articles written by industry experts in the areas of investment, exploration, extraction, recruitment, equipment, engineering and mine management.

It also takes an in-depth look at a rotating suite of feature commodities. This includes commentary from individuals and organisations at the forefront of commodity sectors, as well as academics and researchers who continue to discover new ways to use Australia’s resources.

Whether you’re interested in tracking industry progress or exploring new ideas (both established and prospective) Australian Resources & Investment is a trusted and comprehensive resource.


Why advertise in Australian Resources & Investment?

Advertising in Australian Resources & Investment provides your business with maximum exposure across the corporate sector. Strategic national distribution ensures your advert will be seen be high-income earners and savvy investors who rely on Australian Resources & Investment for information.

Here are some of the many benefits to advertising in Australian Resources & Investment:

  • Long-running title, since 2007
  • Outstanding reputation for quality
  • Highly engaged audience across the mining, finance and investment sectors
  • Exclusive partnership with the Sydney Mining Club which sees the publication distributed at their events, including monthly functions in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Also widely distributed at industry events, conventions and symposiums around the country
  • Available at high-traffic airport lounges, including Qantas Clubs and Virgin Lounges
  • Available at selected newsagents, online and via subscription
  • Quarterly print edition
  • Complementary digital edition
  • Dedicated website with banner advertising options
  • Access to Executive Media’s professional design services
  • Wide range of print advertising options with special corporate profile packages
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