Clubs & Pubs Manager is Executive Media’s quarterly publication that is dedicated to providing readers up-to-the-minute news and insight into the gaming and hospitality sectors in Australia.

Regularly distributed at the industry’s leading events, including the AHG Expo and the AGE, this high-quality publication fulfils an industry need by communicating vital information to a receptive readership at the forefront of developments the gaming and hospitality industries.

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Why advertise in Clubs & Pubs Manager?

Since its official launch in December 2011, Clubs and Pubs Manager has steadily gained a growing audience of CEOs, directors, board members, venue managers, catering managers, and chefs of hotels and clubs across Australia, working in this $13-billion-a-year sector.

Some of the features in each edition include:

  • News
  • Gaming
  • Point of sale
  • Entertainment
  • Interiors and architecture
  • Food and equipment
  • Beverages
  • Energy and lighting
  • Security
  • Event management
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