Executive Media is excited to launch Collaborate, a leading publication dedicated to fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence in the Australian research landscape. With a sharp focus on university research, government funding, and partnerships that drive progress, our magazine offers valuable insights and data, and stories that inspire and inform.

Australia has always been a pioneer in research, innovation, and collaboration. Seven of our universities are ranked in the world’s top 100, and our scientific institutions rank in the world’s top one per cent in 15 fields of research, including space science, physics, and clinical medicine. On top of these impressive statistics, 48 per cent of employed Australians are tertiary educated.

University and industry collaboration is crucial for Australia’s growth, and in bridging the skills gap. So, at Collaborate, our philosophy is simple: we want to connect industry, government, and universities to spark innovation and grow the economy.

Therefore, in each edition of Collaborate, we provide insights and in-depth features on companies, people, strategies, ideas, and trends. We promote and celebrate Australia’s innovation; we learn from, and profile, Australia’s successful researchers and government leaders; and we dive into the world of academia, research, and business.