Unlike other publications that focus on day-to-day news, Future Banking examines key trends affecting Australia’s financial services sector over the next five years. And we showcase how organisations in the sector are responding.

Future Banking considers issues in retail and investment banking, mortgage broking, wealth management, superannuation, insurance, risk management, technology, education and corporate social responsibility, from the perspective of established Australian and international financial services firms, emerging ventures such as financial-technology (fintech) firms, credit unions, mutuals, industry super funds and other not-for-profit enterprises, and government entities.

Future Banking is distributed to key business decision makers in industry through a high-quality, controlled database, on a complimentary basis. The distribution includes segments of the ABA and FINSIA membership bases, and Executive Media’s extensive database of C-level readers through its various industry publications. It is also available at newsagents around Australia and distributed in major airport lounges and hotels in this country and in Asia.

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Why advertise in Future Banking?

The inaugural edition of Future Banking, published in 2017, was one of Executive Media’s most successful new publications. The magazine attracted significant advertising from a who’s who of financial services and received strong feedback on its editorial quality.

With so much happening in banking since that publication, the time is right for a publication that considers the future of financial services rather than the past. One that looks at how the industry is positively changing and what that means for financial services stakeholders.

Some of the sections in Future Banking include:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Sustainability
  • Data
  • Cybersecurity
  • AI, machine learning and automation
  • Fintech
  • Human resources
  • Home loans
  • Payments
  • Project finance and infrastructure
  • Mutual banks and credit unions
  • Industry super funds
  • University/industry training for financial services professionals
  • Universities/industry research centres/bodies in financial services
  • The legal industry and financial services
  • Facilities management and financial services
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