Following the success of The Australian Local Government Yearbook, The Australian Local Government Health + Community Services Yearbook aims to recognise the dedication local governments have for the overall health and wellbeing of its communities. The publication focuses on how local governments are exploring ways to improve the health of the public through key areas like city planning, and strategies that strive to improve accessibility for people with disability.

As an area that Executive Media works closely with, the ongoing hard work and dedication displayed by local government professionals is celebrated throughout each edition.

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Why advertise in The Australian Local Government Health + Community Services Yearbook?

Local governments continue to play an ever-increasing role in decision-making on a national level and shoulders the responsibility of creating innovative, best practice outcomes in health and services for its communities. The Yearbook is distributed to local government professionals, CEOs, and key decision-makers and stakeholders.

Some of the features in each edition include:

  • Best practice
  • Accessibility + inclusiveness
  • Children + child services
  • Health + health services
  • Sports + recreation
  • Community
  • Aged care
  • Housing
  • Security
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