At Executive Media, we offer print advertising in our niche B2B and consumer publications, so you can promote your product or service to the people you most want to reach. As well as ensuring your ad gets seen by a receptive audience, we make the print advertising process easy – even if you don’t have your own writer or designer.

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With a team of print advertising professionals at your disposal, you’re guaranteed an advert that looks polished, reads well and appeals to your market. Just like our industry publications, you can supply your own content or have us take care of it all.

Our talented graphic designers and writers can create your print advertisement from scratch, based on your brief and brand guidelines. We can even arrange for a leading business journalist to write your company’s corporate profile. The best bit? You retain copyright to all artwork and editorials for future use.

With magazines, advertising is not rejected but seen as a positive part of the experience.

Pay Attention, 2018, Magnetic Media

When you combine the benefits of print advertising with a niche publication, you have a no-risk recipe for advertising success. Every person who sees your ad is a potential customer. There is no risk and no wastage.

Our niche publications put your product or service in front of the people you most want to reach. In Pay Attention, a report by marketing body Magnetic, attention to advertising was found to be at its highest in print magazines. This is because they provide relevant context and a highly trusted environment.

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Why print advertising?

A market research report by Fiftyfive 5 for the Magazine Publishers of Australia (MPA) found that readers feel more passionately towards print magazines than any other media – and that this passion drives a greater response.

Why Print Media?

Readers are:

more likely to trust the brands featured in magazines
more confident about buying products featured or advertised in magazines
more willing to pay for content
more informed about new products/the latest trends
more likely to feel encouraged to consider the products featured

The more a magazine is picked up and read, the higher the ad recall.

The Fiftyfive 5 report also found that each edition of a print magazine is picked up and read on average 2.7 times. Magazines also are often passed on to other readers, magnifying their effect.

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Print pays off

Print advertising offers proven ROI

When it comes to return on advertising spend, print advertising reigns supreme. Independent research proves that print magazines deliver the highest return on advertising spend, at $3.94 for every $1. In fact, they offer the only money-back guarantee on advertising spend.

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